Światowe Forum Nikotynowe

Światowe Forum Nikotynowe

Światowe Forum Nikotynowe – Warszawa, czerwiec 2015

The second Global Forum on Nicotine will be held at the Marriott Hotel, in Warsaw, on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2015.

The science of nicotine is rapidly developing, regulatory issues are high on the political agenda and consumers are concerned about long-term availability of products. There is a nascent consensus amongst many in science and public health about the relative safety of new nicotine and other non-combustible products, although scepticism is expressed by others and a robust debate continues.

GFN is an open forum where the latest evidence on tobacco harm reduction can be examined and options for effective policies discussed. GFN is the only place where the science and policy of nicotine meet. The main theme for 2015 is ‘a different kind of endgame’ – how lower risk nicotine delivery products might bring about major reductions in smoking. Plenary sessions will address the latest science, regulatory developments and policies, and the changing stakeholder landscape.

Programme highlights include:

  • China: e-cigarette use, tobacco control, manufacturers and standards
  • The Scandinavian experience with snus
  • Standards for nicotine products
  • Consumers – policy updates and campaigns
  • Safer nicotine products and an end to smoking
  • Competing visions of the tobacco/smoking endgame
  • Switching and quitting using e-cigarettes and snus
  • New lower risk products
  • Tobacco harm reduction and harm reversal
  • Structure of the global e-cigarette industry
  • The state of the science – good and bad
  • Young people and reduced risk
  • Ethics and realities of the new stakeholder landscape
  • Vaping, snus, politics and health
  • Harm reduction in developing countries

Click here for details of confirmed speakers.

The format is a combination of plenary, parallel and satellite sessions, along with the second Mike Russell Memorial Oration, and poster presentations. For more information click here.

There will be a pre-conference social event on Thursday 4th June. Click here for details.

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Światowe Forum Nikotynowe – Warszawa, czerwiec 2015

6 czerwca 2015.
Prezentacja tematów tegorocznego GFNplik pdf

7 czerwca 2015.
Migawki z GFN’15 czyli o dziwnych krajach słów kilka

9 czerwca 2015.
GFN 2015 – kilka refleksji z wykładów – część I

11 czerwca 2015.
GFN 2015 – kilka refleksji z wykładów (plus film!) – część II